Everywhere the ocean surges to restructure, shift, change, and rearrange the contours of the shore.  Water works relentlessly, crafting and sculpting land. The character of the enduring shoreline is ever changing and chiseled anew every instant as wave after wave laps at it. Many of nature’s thus sculpted spaces create a unique visual treat and memorable experiences for all to relish.

WAVE, a research-oriented design studio, based out of Singapore, is driven by the quest to creating distinct irreplaceable experiences. With an acute awareness of the impact of built environment, on society, their architecture is distinct, exploratory and responsible. WAVE is inspired by all challenges, which are design based, regardless of scale and type. The studio strives to deliver cherishable, enriching experiences, and in its own small way, shape a better world.


WAVE design consultants
114 lavender street #05-51, 338729 Singapore
+65 6493 5151